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In November 1956 two families and a total of (17) people started the Naples Church of Christ. With very humble beginnings, they met in a rented union hall until growing enough to move their worship services to Lakes Park Elementary.


By 1962, after acquiring 2-1/2 acres of land, they were able to build their very own Church Building on Mandarin Road in the Heart of Naples! Through the grace of God they were able to obtain a minister’s home across the street and grew in number.


As other Churches of Christ began to pop up in greater Collier County, two of those churches merged to become Parkway Church of Christ. Parkway was situated at the corner of GG Parkway and Santa Barbara at the edge of Golden Gate City.


Then, in 2004 Parkway merged with Naples Church of Christ! This was a large endeavor met with plenty of prayer. By God’s grace the merger was a success and the two largest Churches of Christ in the County became one.  Retaining the name Naples Church of Christ we sold the two Mandarin Road properties and worshipped at the Golden Gate location. Combining resources, we picked up the land for our current location on Livingston Road. With much prayer and fund raising, we moved into our new state of the art 25,000 square foot facility in 2010.


The Naples Church of Christ has been served by several pulpit ministers since 1956, including… Charles Wharten II, Ray Winn, Bob Salmon, Floyd Long, Charlie St. John, Dan Luidhardt, Terry Chapman, Jerry Dyer, Paul Jarrett, David Nance, Bobby O'Dell, Lyle Asbill, and Tim Neal.  We are blessed to have had Dr. Russell Bone serve as an interim pulpit minister beginning in mid September of 2020.  Dr. Bone continues to serve during season.  We are on the search for a full time minister.  


Our Church is currently led by four Shepherds – Terry Billingsby, Barry Brown, Scott Otey, and Hugh Travis. 

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