Pulpit Minister Job Description

The Naples Church of Christ is prayerfully seeking an experienced Pulpit Minister who is knowledgeable of the Scriptures and has been gifted to preach, teach and motivate the Church in community outreach and discipleship.


 In addition to their communication skills, we are searching for qualified applicants who can clearly convey ideas and information through a variety of methods and media in a manner that engages the congregation and helps them to clearly visualize, understand and retain the message.


 We would like our applicants to hold a Bible degree and possesses a deep desire for continuous personal growth through Bible study, advanced courses, conferences and the counsel of the shepherds and other ministers. The applicant must be able to use their Bible knowledge and life experience to apply Biblical principles to our current culture.


   Applicants must be self-motivated and set for themselves high standards for excellence and quality. They must be able to prioritize, schedule, maintain focus, initiate action, and assume responsibility for successfully completing tasks and objectives.

  We are searching for a leader who possesses the heart of a servant, who leads through example and models the vision of the Naples Church of Christ and motivates others to do the same.


The church in Naples maintains several missions, including an onsite daycare/preschool and the successful candidate will have direct involvement with these missions.


  On a personal level, we are searching for applicants who are friendly and approachable, while also diplomatic and tactful in tense situations and are able to put others at ease in times of conflict or difficulty. We desire someone who is capable and willing to offer prayer and a variety of counsel to others in their time of need.

  The Pulpit minister will be representing the Naples Church of Christ in our community and must exhibit Christian behavior at all times.


Interested applicants should send their resume to naplescoc@gmail.com