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Join us for Worship on Sunday
Via live stream on Facebook
A few helpful hints

For those who are not attending worship in person, please tune in today to the live stream at 10 AM via Facebook.  If you have not connected with us before and you are on Facebook:, here are a few hints: 

- Search for Naples Church of Christ

- Look for the word "page" (the other group) in the 

    description along with a picture of a

    church building.  

- After you are on that page make sure          you see our logo at the top

- On left hand side of the page is a list of      options, click on the "video" link.

You can follow the same procedure to view Bible study on Wednesday nights.  

If you are having problems with the feed on your computer, try using the Facebook app on your phone. 

To Glorify God By:
Leading people to know God through Jesus Christ.
Equipping members for ministry and spiritual service.
Assisting members to grow in love, holy living and fellowship with the community of Christ.
Declaring God in spiritual and truthful worship.
Service Times
English Speaking Service - 10:00 AM
Spanish Speaking Service - 1:00 PM
Learn more at our Bible Studies
Sunday - 9:00 AM
Wednesday Study - 6:30 PM
Spanish Study Thursday - 8:00 PM
Life Forming Groups
Sunday - 6:00 PM - Locations vary