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Welcome to the Church of Christ

The Church of Christ is committed to mirroring the Church that was restored in the last days by Christ Himself to prepare the world for His final return. 

Patterned after the New Testament church, the Church of Christ has been empowered by Christ for the purpose of spreading His Gospel to all Nations, Dialects, and People. 

We believe that the Bible is the Full and Trustworthy Authority available to all for the purpose of teaching and admonishing one another.  

Our Basic Beliefs

The basic beliefs of the Church of Christ are in an all-knowing, unchangeable, loving God who has a plan for mankind to spend eternity with Him. The plan is available for all mankind and He has provided the directions and requirements of obedience necessary in His Holy Scriptures. He has also given each individual the free will to choose to follow Him and receive His blessings, or to follow their own desires and receive the consequences of their choices.

 Check out the [About] section to find out more about us.

Join us via live stream on Facebook & YouTube

Sunday - Worship Service - 9:00 AM
Sunday School - 10:15 AM

Wednesday Study - 6:30 PM
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