Important message about COVID 19 Virus

Worship Reconvening Updated Plan


 Below are some steps we have taken for a Safe and Joyous return to worship.


1. The following people are encouraged NOT to attend services until they are completely comfortable doing so – (we will be offering the Live Worship Service On-Line)

a. Anyone with a significant health risk and the Elderly.

b. Anyone not yet completely comfortable gathering in large groups.

c. Anyone with symptoms such as Cough, Fever, or Respiratory issues.

d. Helpful hints on how to attend worship via our website can be found below.


2. Other Precautions…

a. All Exterior Front Entry Doors AND all interior foyer doors will be open during arrival to minimize contact.

b. The wearing of masks is now mandatory.

c. The ROWS will be increased from 22” apart to 32” apart. This will allow the servers to move through each row without a problem.

d. There will be Hand Sanitizing Stations set up in the Auditorium and in the Foyer

e. Everyone is “strongly encouraged” to sit closely ONLY with your own family members, and to consider distancing between family units.

f. We will (for the foreseeable future) forego all member Meet & Greets or other mingling that would fly in the face of social distancing – including, but not limited to the Coffee and Snack time.

g. We will have all common areas cleaned before Sunday services for the foreseeable future.

h. Exiting the building - we will use all available exit doors - including the North and South auditorium Exits.


3. Communion will be served as follows…

a. The bread will be placed in communion cups, just like the grape juice.

b. The servers will walk down each alternating row and allow the members to take a cup from the tray. (bread and juice respectively)

c. The servers will follow the same procedure for the collection plates.

d. After the collection, servers will follow the same procedure with baskets for collecting the empty cups.

e. Servers will wear gloves and masks.


Classes… Sunday Morning classes will be offered some number of weeks AFTER we have reconvened for Worship . This will allow time to determine the need for classroom sizes based on the new attendance levels AND give people some time to ease back into social gatherings. Wednesday evening classes will also resume when Sunday morning class begin.

Questions? Please feel free to contact any of our shepherds.

10:00 AM

10:00 AM

Is this your first time going to Church? Check out the [About] section to find out more about God's Church.

Join us for Worship on Sunday
Via live stream on Facebook
A few helpful hints

For those who are not attending worship in person, please tune in today to the live stream at 10 AM via Facebook.  If you have not connected with us before and you are on Facebook:, here are a few hints: 

- Search for Naples Church of Christ

- Look for the word "page" (the other group) in the 

    description along with a picture of a

    church building.  

- After you are on that page make sure          you see our logo at the top

- On left hand side of the page is a list of      options, click on the "video" link.

You can follow the same procedure to view Bible study on Wednesday nights.  

If you are having problems with the feed on your computer, try using the Facebook app on your phone. 

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